PsychNology Journal, Volume 1, Number 3, 189 - 201

The Exploratorium: An Environment To Explore Your Feelings

Eva Lindh Waterworth, Marcus Häggkvist, Kalle Jalkanen, Sandra Olsson, John Waterworth and Henrik Wimelius
Interactive Institute Tools for Creativity Studio, UMEÅ, Sweden



The Exploratorium is a virtual environment within which immersants can explore both places and feelings. The "narrative" it implements is structural/architectural rather than linear/story telling. Different areas of the Exploratorium present different experiences: scary, normally busy, or very calm. At the same time, the Exploratorium as a whole is fundamentally safe, a self-contained play area. Immersants are free explore the different areas, under their own control. Navigation is by means of the Body Joystick, using only breath and balance. Using balance for movement and turning feels natural, like riding a bike, flying, or skating. Using breath control maps naturally onto vertical navigation, as in diving and snorkelling. Physiological changes induced by breathing patterns are reinforced by mood changes induced by moving from one zone to another, creating a form of “psycho-feedback by navigation”. The goal of the Exploratorium is to stimulate curiosity, leading to navigation and a consequent sense of control and empowerment, at the same time as the user experiences, explores and investigates her own feelings and emotions.



feelings, emotion, the body, navigation, exploration.



Waterworth E. L., Häggkvist M., Jalkanen K., Olsson S., Waterworth J., Wimelius H. (2008). The Exploratorium: An Environment To Explore Your Feelings. PsychNology Journal, 1(3), 189 - 201. Retrieved [month] [day], [year], from

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