PsychNology Journal, Volume 14, Number 1, 41 - 60

Feasibility and Efficacy of Job Interview Simulation Training for Long-Term Unemployed Individuals

Rimma M. Aysina, Zhanna A. Maksimenko
Institute of Basic and Applied Research, North-Caucasus Federal University, Russian Federation

Mikhail V. Nikiforov
NexTReT S.L., Spain


The job interview is an anxiety-provoking situation, and it is often a significant challenge for the long-term unemployed. We have created software that provides a virtual reality experience with which individuals who have been jobless for 12 months or longer could systematically improve their job interview skills, reduce their fears, and increase their confidence about going on job interviews. We assessed the feasibility and efficacy of Job Interview Simulation Training (JIST) in a randomized controlled trial. Participants included 28 long-term unemployed individuals who were actively seeking employment. On average, they had 24.96 years (SD = 8.07) of work experience and had been unemployed for 20.07 months (SD = 9.83). The average age was 47.54 years (SD =7.66). Participants were randomized to JIST (n = 16) or Control (n = 12) groups. JIST consisted of 5 sessions of simulated job interviews. The participants found JIST easy to use, easy to navigate and useful to train communication skills. We used t-test and Cohen’s d effect size computation to analyze changes in outcome measures. The JIST group improved their job interview role-play performance (p < 0.01) and job interview self-confidence (p < 0.01) between baseline and follow-up as compared with the Control group (p > 0.05). The JIST group also had significantly increases in results of simulated interviews (p < 0.01). Future research may help clarify whether this intervention helps to increase job interview frequency and get a job.

KEYWORDS: Long-term unemployed, job Interview skills, virtual reality technologies,simulated job interview.

Aysina, R.M., Maksimenko, Zh. A., & Nikiforov (2016) Feasibility and Efficacy of Job Interview Simulation Training for Long-Term Unemployed Individuals. PsychNology Journal,14(1), 41 - 60. Retrieved [month] [day], [year], from

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