PsychNology Journal, Volume3, Number 3, 312-327

The Effect of the Emotion-related Channel in 3D Virtual Communication Environments

Mikio Kamada(1), Mioko Ambe (1), Katsushige Hata (1),Eiju Yamada (1),Yuichi Fujimura (2)
(1)Sony Corporation,Tokyo (Japan) (2)Naruto University of Education, Tokyo (Japan)
UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa – Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)



An emotion-related channel was combined with electronic chat in a 3D virtual communication environment. Users can convey specific feelings by manipulating the facial expressions and gestures of their 3D characters (avatars). To examine the effects of the emotion-related channel, an experiment was carried out in two elementary schools with fifty-five student participants. It was found that the children were able to communicate more freely and effectively than by simple electronic chat sessions. In addition, the emotion-related channel also served to stimulate textual dialogue between partners. Our findings indicate that text-based media communication environments could be greatly enhanced with an emotion-related channel.



communication, emotion, avatar, gesture, facial expression, electronic chat. .



Kamada M., Ambe M., Hata K.,Yamada E.,Fujimura Y. (2005). The Effect of the Emotion-related Channel in 3D Virtual Communication Environments. PsychNology Journal, 3(3), 312-327. Retrieved [month] [day], [year], from

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