PsychNology Journal, Volume 9, Number 2, 79 – 122

Scientometrics of Deception, Counter-deception, and Deception Detection in Cyber-space 

Frank Stech, Kristin E. Heckman, Phil Hilliard, Janice R. Ballo
The MITRE Corporation, USA

The concepts of deception, counter-deception, and deception detection in the cyber-space domain have been the subject of little systematic analysis. Our objective was to conduct scientometric analyses of these concepts in the cyber-space domain. We observed the following: Although various deceptive tactics are addressed in the cyber-security literature, it appears they are characterized more from the standpoint of technology than from their social, behavioral, or cognitive elements; these cyber-tactics are not mapped into the classic components of denial and deception tactics; there is no conventional terminology to describe the phenomenon of deception in cyber-space; classic deception domain terminology is rarely used; and classic deception domain researchers are rarely cited. These observations suggest that cyber-deception is an emerging field.

KEYWORDS: scientometrics, cyber-deception, cyber-counter-deception, cyber-deception detection, deception, cyber-space

Stech, F., Heckman, K.E., Hilliard, P., Ballo J.R. (2011). Scientometrics of Deception, Counter-deception, and Deception Detection in Cyber-space. PsychNology Journal, 9(2), 79 - 122. Retrieved [month] [day], [year], from

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