- Articles: they should be accurate and original, in line with the general or special theme of the journal, both empirical or theoretical (research reports, review papers, theoretical position papers).

- Prototype presentations within a conceptual/scientific agenda; accurate description of design requirement, clear explanation of interface functioning and scientific evaluation on the user's perspective must be included.

Each contribution must be sustained by appropriate reference to empirical work and to the literature in the field. All submissions must be original and not considered for publication elsewhere, as specified in the copyright form; they undergo a first editorial screening, and -if considered suitable to the journal- a double-blind review process by two anonymous referees. Details on the criteria according to which manuscripts will be evaluated can be gained from the evaluation form.

Any submission must also comply with the Guidelines described in this page as well as with the style format described in the sample paper. The language of the Journal is English.


Contributions must be sent electronically to the following address: with 'submission to PNJ' in the subject field. Upon submission, authors are also kindly required to read and sign the copyright form, and to send it to the address reported on the form itself (Prof. Luciano Gamberini, Dept. of General Psychology, via Venezia 8,35131 Padova, Italy).


(For formatting guidelines, please check here)

The compliance with the following stylistic recommendations should be checked before submission:

  • unfamiliar concepts are defined;
  • difference with existing studies is explicitly identified and documented;
  • one clear goal of the paper is identified in the abstract
  • vagueness is avoided in abstract: it should be self-sufficient without the need to check the paper to understand it
  • traditional sections, if present (participants, design, ...) are clearly distinguished and their content is identified in the title
  • figures and tables are explained and referred to in the text
  • the content of each section of the paper is briefly described in the last paragraph of the introduction
  • all studies referred to in the text are present in the reference list, and viceversa
  • all links in the reference section (if any) are currently active
  • numbering of sections, figures and tables is correct



Abstracts for Empirical Studies:

Abstracts of an empirical study are generally about 200-250 words. They include the following information:
- problem under investigation (in one sentence)
- pertinent characteristics of subjects (number, type, age, sex, and genus and species)
- experimental method, including apparatus, data-gathering procedures, complete test names, and complete generic names and the dosage and routes of administration of any drugs (particularly if the drugs are novel or important to the study)
- findings, including statistical significance levels
- conclusions and implications or applications.

Abstracts for Review/Theoretical Articles:

Abstracts for review or theoretical articles are generally about 150 words. They include the following information:
- the topic in one sentence
- purpose, thesis, or organizing construct and the scope (comprehensive or selective) of the article - sources used (e.g., personal observation, published literature)
- conclusions.

Abstract should state clearly what readers can find inside the paper, distinguishing it from sentences that set the context for the study but do not derive from the work reported in the paper. They must be comprehensible and informative without the need to read the main paper, and make clear what is the main, original contribution of the paper.

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Tables and figures should be used only when they can present information more effectively than in running text. Care should be taken to insure that tables can be effectively presented .pdf format. Please review all figures after converting to GIF or JPEG format to ensure that they are readable. Colors can be used; however, authors should make sure that they are readable also when translated into grayscale.

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Photographs can be accommodated as separate GIF or JPEG files; authors should carefully crop images prior to saving as files. Remember that the smaller and fewer GIFs or JPEGs in the paper, the more quickly the paper can be downloaded.

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The preferred format and size of videos are the following: mpeg,2-5 MegaByteS.

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Mathematical equations should be arranged to fill the width of a single column. Subscripts and especially superscripts (i.e. exponents) should be written with care. All signs such as +, -, =, <, or > should be spaced, but the components of mathematical products should not be spaced. Do not use multiple lines unnecessarily. In order to avoid errors, it is important that all formula matter be carefully arranged with special attention paid to correctness of symbols, location of subscripts and superscripts. Note that we would prefer any complex equation to be rendered as a GIF or JPEG image.

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Authors who want to make use of artwork already published are required by copyright law to ask the owner of the copyright (usually the publisher) for permission to do so. Please be careful to assign proper credit; for example, in the legend of a figure "...from (reference); reproduced by permission of...." If any verbatim quotations of text amount to more than a few words, the same procedure should be followed. If authors use material from their own published work, permission must be obtained from the publisher. If an article is accepted for publication the author must provide the copyright permissions for already published material. If the author receives permissions faxed from the permission grantor, (s)he may fax or mail these permissions to us. Video: video can be provided as separate files, 2-5 MegaByte size and mpeg format; authors should specify where in the text of their manuscript they wish to place the link to the video. Before submitting your paper to PsychNology Journal, please be sure to proofread and spell check your article.

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PNJ submissions must comply with the format specified in this file.

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