VOLUME 10, NUMBER 2, pp 53-162



Front Matters and ToC
pp. 53-62
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Guest Editors:
Janet C. Read, Matthew Horton, Daniel Fitton, Gavin Sim, Linda Little

Who actually wants to use ‘the killer app’? Perceptions of Location Based Services in the Young and Old
pp. 63-71
Lisa Thomas
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Too Cool at School – Understanding Cool Teenagers
pp. 73-91
Matthew Horton, Janet C. Read, Daniel Fitton, Nicola Toth and Linda Little
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Understanding Cool: An Analytic Exploration of Contributing Factors for Teens
pp. 93-102
D. Scott McCrickard, Jeremy Barksdale and Felicia Doswell
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Measuring the existence of cool using an extended Social Relations Model
pp. 103-115
J. P. Gerber and Carly Geiman
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Situated Techno-Cools: factors that contribute to making technology cool in a given context of use
pp. 117-139
Alma Leora Culén and Andrea Alessandro Gasparini
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Constructing the Cool Wall: A Tool to Explore Teen Meanings of Cool
pp. 141-162
Dan Fitton, Janet C Read, Matthew Horton, Linda Little, Nicola Toth and Yukang Guo
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