VOLUME 13, NUMBER 2-3, pp. 121-286



Front Matters and ToC
pp. 121-126
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Is the avatar considered as a participant by the players? A conversational analysis of multi-player videogames interactions
pp. 127-148
Heike Baldauf-Quilliatre and Isabel Colón de Carvajal
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The social construction of a Glasshole: Google Glass and multiactivity in social interaction
pp. 149-178
Brian L. Due
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Technical Agency in Practice: The enactment of artefacts as conversation partners, actants and opponents
pp. 179-202
Antonia Krummheuer
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Transmission delay in technology-mediated interaction at work
pp. 203-234
Margarethe Olbertz-Siitonen
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When technological affordances meet interactional norms: The value of pre-screening in online chat counseling
pp. 235-258
Wyke Stommel and Hedwig te Molder
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Interactional practices and artifact orientation in mobile augmented reality game play
pp. 259-286
Steven L. Thorne, John Hellermann, Adam Jones and Daniel Lester
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