VOLUME 14, NUMBER 2, pp. 81-133



Front Matters and ToC
pp. 81-86
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Biometric Authentication Methods on Smartphones: A Survey
pp. 87-98
Riccardo Spolaor, QianQian Li, Merylin Monaro, Mauro Conti, Luciano Gamberini and Giuseppe Sartori
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Human Activity Recognition with Wearable Devices: A Symbolic Approach
pp. 99-115
Angelo Cenedese, Luca Minetto, Gian Antonio Susto and Matteo Terzi
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Applications in cochlear implants and avionic: Examples of how neurometric measurements of the human perception could help the choice of appropriate human-machine interaction solutions beyond behavioral data
pp. 117-133
Giulia Cartocci, Anton Giulio Maglione, Dario Rossi, Enrica Modica, Paolo Malerba, Gianluca Borghini, Gianluca Di Flumeri, Pietro Aricò and Fabio Babiloni
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