VOLUME 5, NUMBER 2, pp. 101-222

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Front Matters and ToC
pp. 101-103
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Extended Television: A Study of How Investigations of Use Can Inform Design Processes in Nursing Homes
pp. 105-132
Peter Abdelmassih Waller
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Development and Evaluation of a Method Employed to Identify Internal State Utilizing Eye Movement Data
pp. 133-164
Noriyuki Aoyama and Tadahiko Fukuda
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A First-time Wireless Internet Connection: More Than Just Clicking on a Link
pp. 165-195
Dimitri Voilmy and Karine Lan Hing Ting
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Identifying the (Tele)Presence Literature
pp. 197-206
Matthew Lombard and Matthew T. Jones
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Searching for Information on PDA in a Naturalistic Environment with or without Music
pp. 207-222
Andrea Zucchi and Luciano Gamberini
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