VOLUME 6, NUMBER 2, pp. 109-218

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Front Matters, ToC and Editorial Preface
pp. 109-117
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Guest Editors:
Rod McCall, Giulio Jacucci and Wolfgang Broll

The Use of Virtual and Mixed Reality Environments for Urban Behavioural Studies
pp. 119-130
Andrew J. Park, Thomas W. Calvert, Patricia L. Brantingham and Paul J. Brantingham
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Tags and the City
pp. 131-156
Minna Isomursu

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Experiences of Evaluating Presence in Augmented Realities
pp. 157-172
Rod McCall and Anne-Kathrin Braun

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Experience Design for Interactive Products: Designing Technology Augmented Urban Playgrounds for Girls
pp. 173-188
Aadjan van der Helm, Walter Aprile and David Keyson
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Decoding Cognitive States from fMRI Data Using Support Vector Regression
pp. 189-201
Maria Grazia Di Bono and Marco Zorzi

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Contrasting the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Virtual Reality and Real Environments in the Treatment of Acrophobia
pp. 203-216
Carlos M. Coelho, Carlos F. Silva, Jorge A. Santos, Jennifer Tichon and Guy Wallis
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