VOLUME 6, NUMBER 3, pp. 217-345

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Front Matters, ToC and Editorial Preface
pp. 217-223
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Guest Editors:
Augusto Celentano, Piero Mussio and Fabio Pittarello

A Design Framework for Mapping Social Relationships
pp. 225-246
Alistair Sutcliffe
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Social Interaction through Map-based Wikis
pp. 247-267
Andrea Marcante and Loredana Parasiliti Provenza
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Nurturing Learners’ Communities by Creating and Sharing Maps
pp. 269-289
Sosuke Miura, Pamela Ravasi and Masanori Sugimoto
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SIM: A dynamic multidimensional visualization method for social networks
pp. 291-320
Maria Chiara Caschera, Fernando Ferri and Patrizia Grifoni
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Applying a Cognitive Engineering Approach to Interface Design of Energy Management Systems
pp. 321-345
Thomas Hoff and Andreas Hauser
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