VOLUME 7, NUMBER 2, pp. 133-236

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Front Matters, ToC and Editorial Preface
pp. 133-140
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Guest Editors: Martin Boehme, John Paulin Hansen and Fiona Mulvey

Predicting preference from fixations
pp. 141-158
Mackenzie G. Glaholt, Mei-Chun Wu and Eyal M. Reingold
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Scrollable Keyboards for Casual Eye Typing
pp. 159-173
Oleg Špakov and Päivi Majaranta
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Hands Free Interaction with Virtual Information in a Real Environment: Eye Gaze as an Interaction Tool in an Augmented Reality System
pp. 175-196
Susanna Nilsson, Torbjörn Gustafsson and Per Carleberg
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Gaze beats mouse: A case study on a gaze-controlled breakout
pp. 197-211
Michael Dorr, Laura Pomarjanschi and Erhardt Barth
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Evaluation of the Potential of Gaze Input for Game Interaction
pp. 213-236
Javier San Agustin, Julio C. Mateo, John Paulin Hansen and Arantxa Villanueva
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