VOLUME 7, NUMBER 3, pp. 237-324

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Front Matters, ToC and Editorial Preface
pp. 237-241
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Fast, low resource, head detection and tracking for interactive
pp. 243-264
Matthieu Perreira Da Silva, Vincent Courboulay, Armelle Prigent and Pascal Estraillier
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Designing Effective Feedback of Electricity Consumption for Mobile User Interfaces
pp. 265-289
Giulio Jacucci, Anna Spagnolli, Luciano Gamberini, Alessandro Chalambalakis, Christoffer Björksog, Massimo Bertoncini, Carin Torstensson and Pasquale Monti
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The increase of the experiences of the self through the practice of multiple virtual identities
pp. 291-302
José Carlos Ribeiro
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Usability studies: to meet or not to meet intrinsic motivation
pp. 303-324
Olga V. Smyslova and Alexander E. Voiskounsky
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