VOLUME 9, NUMBER 2, pp. 73-186



Front Matters and ToC
pp. 73-78
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Scientometrics of Deception, Counter-deception, and Deception Detection in Cyber-space
pp. 79-122
Frank Stech, Kristin E. Heckman, Phil Hilliard and Janice R. Ballo
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Designing Integration of Sharing, Messaging, and Awareness for Mobile Users
pp. 123-135
Giulio Jacucci
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SQUARELAND: A virtual environment for investigating cognitive processes in human wayfinding
pp. 137-163
Kai Hamburger and Markus Knauff
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Complexity in an uncertain and cosmopolitan world. Rethinking personal health technology in diabetes with the Tag-it-Yourself
pp. 165-185
Cristiano Storni

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