VOLUME 9, NUMBER 3, pp. 187-284


Front Matters and ToC
pp. 187-192
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(Tele)Presence and Simulation: Questions of Epistemology, Religion, Morality, and Mortality
pp. 193-222
Matthew T. Jones, Matthew Lombard and Joan Jasak
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Designing iLook: An integrated, zoomable interface to support users’ interaction with networked home appliances
pp. 223-243
Marco Carnesecchi, Antonio Rizzo, Andrea Alessandrini, Maurizio Caporali and Monica Milani
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A multimodal architecture for simulating natural interactive walking in virtual environments
pp. 245-268
Rolf Nordahl, Stefania Serafin, Luca Turchet and Niels C. Nilsson
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DADODICE: An interactive installation to support learning
pp. 269-284 
Selene Uras, Massimo Deriu, Daniele Ardu and Gavino Paddeu
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